Nolan Dennett

The Journey from Choreography to Writing

Nolan Dennett was a professional dancer/choreographer/educator for more than 50 years. During his dancing career, he has appeared in the works of notable modern dance choreographers Anna Sokolow, Louis Falco, and Lucas Hoving. He also created and implemented a dance program at Western Washington University. He is now retired from his academic career.

Nolan Dennett

Writing Stories Close to the Heart

Nolan was in Peru during the height of the terrorist activity of Abimael Guzman and the Sendero Luminoso. His experiences during this time were documented in one of his fictional works. His other novels include “Place of Shelter,” which was published in 1994, and its sequel, “Making Clouds.”

New Books

Currently, Nolan is working on a series of fables meant to be read aloud. These fables deal with the dignities and the tragedies of same-sex love. “Vincent's Tale” and “Tale of the River Keeper” are the first two books in the series.

Get in Touch

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Nolan Dennett